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Giuseppe Conlon House is a London-based charity that provides accommodation and support for homeless and destitute asylum seekers and other migrants with no recourse to public funds. We also offer help and assistance to others who are in need or experiencing poverty in our local area, and we support other local groups with the same aims. Based on our experience in providing charitable accommodation, we also offer talks and other educational opportunities. We are a small charity that relies entirely on the help of a small group of volunteers and the generosity of our donors.

The objectives of Giuseppe Conlon House are to relieve poverty, financial hardship and homelessness by providing housing, pastoral and practical support, and education to the public on the nature, causes and effects of poverty and homelessness.

Our house of hospitality was named after Patrick "Giuseppe" Conlon, a gentle Irishman who was wrongly convicted in 1979 alongside his family in the Guildford Four and Maguire Seven case. Tragically, he died in prison five years later before all the sentences in the case were overturned. Giuseppe Conlon remains an important reminder of the unjust treatment of migrants and he inspires us to work toward a more welcoming future.



We are a small organisation that relies entirely on the help of a small, dedicated team of volunteers and the generosity of our donors. Whatever help you are able to give, whether it be food, money, or your time, it is sure to make a huge difference.

Ways you can give


We are currently looking for both live-in and external volunteers at Giuseppe Conlon house. If you would like to volunteer with us, whether on a full-time or part-time basis, please do get in touch with us on our contact page below.


We provide our male refugee guests with most of the food, toiletries, and their other basic needs from donations. If you have any appropriate items that you would like to donate, we would be very grateful. Please contact us in advance.


As a newly registered charity, we are seeking financial donations in order to assist us with both the day-to-day running of the house and urgent building and maintenance work. If you are interested, please use the donation form or contact us.

...donation form is coming soon...


Get in Touch

49 Mattison Road,

London, N4 1BG

 (+44) 020 8348 8212

Note: We only accept guest referrals from our Referral Partners, which are organisations working with people with NRPF which have gone through an application process. We are not currently accepting applications for new referral partners. We do not accept self-referrals, or referrals from other organisations.

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